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Private Marriage & Relationship Coaching

The journey to growth and healing is difficult. Many couples need guidance in order to achieve the transformation they want and need in their marriage.

Because of this, we offer private and online marriage coaching for anyone who wants that bit of extra support. Sessions are usually 1-2 hours and come in a variety of packages depending on your needs. Feel free to sign up for an obligation-free 30 minute consultation to see how we can help you.

We serve couples across the globe as the majority of our coaching is held online (typically via Zoom). 

Our coaching is professional and 100% confidential.  We recognize every couple's situation is unique and requires a nonjudgmental, compassionate environment in which to share and grow.

How We're Different

1. Not Typical Marriage Counsellors

Unlike many counsellors, we offer coaching that challenges the individual to grow in virtue. These changes aren't easy or quick, but they are designed to last.

2. Faith Focused

We believe that both the couple, and the coaches, need God's help in order to work towards healing and transforming their marriage.

 3. Divorce Isn't the Answer

We uphold marriage as an indissoluble bond created by God and by your vows. We believe divorce is not the answer, and we offer alternative solutions. 

Did you know?

One study indicated that approximately 66% of divorced individuals believe that they didn't work hard enough to save their marriage. 

4. Look Forward Not Back 

Instead of dwelling on the past, we focus on the present and future. Where do you want to end up, and how are you going to improve your skills, attitudes, and behaviors to get there?

5. It's Not All About You

We don't emphasize individual fulfilment and happiness as much as we emphasize the couple's/family's happiness, and their contribution to society.

6. Experienced Coaches

Our coaches have over 30 years experience working with over 700 couples in marriage preparation, coaching, seminars, and group workshops.

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