"7 Steps To Heal Your Christian Marriage"

4 Week Bootcamp


Heal your marriage, strengthen your marriage. 

Avoid the pain of a stagnant, cold, or struggling marriage .... the pain of divorce or separation.

Make BIG progress in your marriage. Learn LIVE with our experienced marriage experts and be guided through our condensed course to help revive your marriage!



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Can you commit to working on your marriage for one month


WHAT: 4 LIVE Sessions with marriage experts

WHO: Christians looking to improve their marriage 

WHY: Growth, transformation, & healing

WHEN: Next 2021 Course Date TBA

WHERE: Online Zoom conference



Do any of these apply to you?

-you're dissatisfied with your marriage

-you've lost trust in your spouse

-you're contemplating divorce

-you no longer feel in love

-you can't forgive

-you resent your spouse

-you or your spouse was unfaithful 

-you have no plan for moving forward 

-you or your spouse struggles with porn

-you're worried about your children's future



Regain your friendship, find peace and joy, bring God into your relationship .... sign up TODAY! 

There is hope.

Practical & Step-By-Step

Seven easy-to-follow modules, to move you toward a strong Christ-centered marriage.

8+ Hours Of Content

Live teaching, relationship assessments, and exercises deliver insights into yourself, your spouse, your marriage, and God.

Full Support & Guidance

Marriage experts will be leading you through the course, every step of the way. Ask questions and get answers! 

What's Included

At WGMA, we know that healthy relationships require focus and nurturing so we've included tons of resources for your journey: 

4 sessions of live online teaching & coaching with experienced marriage coaches

- Fully guided walkthrough of our transformative course

- Recording of each session, available for 72 hours

-Tuesday evening check-ins for questions, comments, and  encouragement 

-Live chat and questionnaires to address your specific issues

- Dozens of practical worksheets and exercises to facilitate understanding, application, and growth

-Access to a private Facebook group for community support and access to our team

- Optional private coaching for those who'd like extra support

What You'll Learn

Learn the EXACT steps needed to improve your marriage including:

1. Assess Your Relationship & Yourselves

2. Learn to Forgive

3. Communicate & Resolve Conflict

4. Serve One Another Generously

5. Connect & Regain Intimacy 

6. Create a Strategic Plan for the Future & Persevere 

7. Think Eternity & Worship Together

Recommit to working on your relationship now!

Sign up today and be the first to hear when bootcamp registrations open. We want to be there for every couple, which is why bootcamp participation will be limited to only 30 couples. Don't miss your chance to join this transformative event starting soon!

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It's Time For Change!

1. While there's no such thing as a quick-fix when it comes to your marriage, there are things you can do to speed up the process of healing. Our online marriage courses are designed to do just that. For those willing to put in the work, the content and support we offer will encourage you to grow in generosity, humility, and service.  

2. The course is designed to be completed from the comfort of your own home, but you don’t have to do this alone. We offer support including live chat during the course, Tuesday evening check-ins, weekly questionnaires to bring up issues & questions for the following session, our Facebook group, and optional private coaching. 

3. This is a Christian marriage course. We will present Christ's teaching in full because we believe that true healing comes from humbly submitting ourselves to God, our loving Creator and Savior. As such, this course is designed to not only improve your marriage but also your relationship with God.   

If you are willing to dig-in and be challenged to be a better person and a better spouse, then sign up now! 

Learn to love, forgive, trust, serve, and connect with your spouse again. 

Your marriage matters. Don't leave your relationship to randomness. Don't say "I wish it was different". Instead, make a plan for change. This is the time to fight for your family, for your spouse, and for yourself. 

Get Notified When Registrations Open