Catholic Marriage Revival!

Refocus and Renew your Two Most Important Relationships

FREE, online 5-day challenge

July 1,3,5,8,10, 2021 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. MDT




Invite your friends to this free event. Great speakers. Valuable, marriage and faith building content.

Wild Goose Marriage Academy

For the strengthening of marriages and families

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We offer Christ-centered, practical online courses designed to enrich your marriage and family.

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Click here for private online coaching with experienced coaches. Over 30 years experience.

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Videos, Bible meditations, downloads, encouraging quotes, and more for your marriage and family. 

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Why "Wild Goose"?

Geese are marriage experts! We chose Wild Goose for our name because geese mate for life, they're good parents, and they help each other as they fly in formation. Also, Wild Goose is a Celtic name for the Holy Spirit. Plus, we're based in Canada! 


Ave & Priscilla

"Paul and Carol have a gentle manner in presenting what is true and beneficial about relationships, even and especially when we may not think we want to hear it. Their unwavering integrity and commitment to couples and to Christian marriage makes their service an essential one at this time in history."

Matthew and Miriam

Paul and Carol Quist are two of the best people and Christian mentors we know. You will be abundantly blessed by their wisdom! We are blessed to call them friends and you will be blessed by their work at Wild Goose Marriage Academy.

James & Alex

"Paul and Carol have been such wonderful examples of a strong marriage and the way they teach is so impactful and filled with the Spirit. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from them!"

Roger and Emilia

Paul and Carol are very loving and caring people. They have helped give us insight into our marriage and hope for a better relationship, through Godly advice and prayer. May God continue to bless others through them.

Thor & Chelsea

“We attended a Marriage Preparation course organized and led by Paul and Carol. Paul and Carol’s vast knowledge and willingness to share life experiences, along with their chosen presenters and course materials has helped build a solid foundation for our marriage."

A & M

"Paul and Carol are caring and loving.  Their years of experience working with marriages helps them to be understanding and empathetic.  They helped us through some tough times with God being at the center of everything.  They opened our eyes to hope and possibilities. "

Learn to love, forgive, trust, serve, and connect with your spouse again. 

Wondering how to fix your marriage? How to stop a divorce? Have you already tried marriage counselling, family therapy, or couple therapy? 

Your marriage matters. Don't leave your relationship to chance. Don't say "I wish it was different". Instead, make a plan for change. This is the time to fight for your family, for your spouse, and for yourself.